CHLEB I SER shop in Kaźmierz

A real paradise for all cheese fans has opened its doors in December 2020 in Kaźmierz, where the headquarters of Hochland Poland is located.

The CHLEB&SER store is located on land that Hochland bought from the “Jana” dairy cooperative in Kaźmierz in May of this year, right next to Hochland’s headquarters.

Based on Hochland’s product range, we developed the concept and oversaw the construction of a store where cheese lovers can stock up. Morning sandwiches, quick snacks – the delicious duo of bread and cheese accompanies you in many situations, delighting you in the same way every time! No wonder the new Hochland Polska store in Kaźmierz is based on this concept. It will offer a wide range of products from the Hochland portfolio, as well as products from other manufacturers, as well as freshly baked local bread, rolls, delicious cheesecake and other bakery products.

The modern concept of the CHLEB&SER store, inspired by a rustic atmosphere but with a modern twist, evokes a bistro where you can not only do your shopping very well, but also order catering, take-away meals, and take fresh sandwiches and delicious coffee with you to work.